Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions asked.

Premium domains are typically short, brandable and pronounceable website names. They’re a much more valuable asset than regular domains for the reason listed on “Benefits of a Premium Domain”.

There are a ton of fantastic benefits of using a Premium domain for your website instead of a regular one. Including improving your brand credibility, improving search engine results, increasing likeliness customers will remember your brand name, highly marketable (easier to pronounce meaning your brand name wont get lost through word of mouth). And generally, premium domains are more eye-appealing than regular domains.

After purchasing a domain from Bephs, you will receive an email instantly with quick and simple transfer instructions. After sending your domain transfer details, the domain will be in your ownership within 24 hours.

After purchasing a domain from Bephs, you will not be eligible for a refund. This is done to prevent fraudulent disputes, due to the nature of a domain being a virtual good. You agree to this term when purchasing a domain from Bephs. Our domains are transferred using Namecheap, and once a domain has been transferred, it would not be possible for Bephs to recover the domain under any circumstance.